Downpour Rain Company

Create the perfect umbrella. That was our start point: To curate a collection of thoughtfully designed umbrellas for those who share the same philosophy that fewer high quality goods are better than an abundance of poor ones. We pride ourselves on craftsmanship, simplicity and keeping you dry when the rain falls.

166 Days of Rain

Downpour Rain Company is based in Vancouver, Canada, where it rains 166 days a year. Despite the wet climate, a quality umbrella with an appreciation for detail was hard to come by. We decided to change that.

One Umbrella

Featuring a timeless silhouette with thoughtful details, we believe making one umbrella extremely well allows us to deliver consistent quality, rain season after rain season.

Every Last Detail

From the closure strap to the open button, Downpour umbrellas have been thoughtfully designed to last the wet winters of the Pacific Northwest.